The night was short, as always…
This time I was woken up because someone with a headlamp showed up at two in the morning, but I didn’t look but tried to sleep on. That worked out quite well and around 8 o’clock I was ready to go.

The second day on the Arizona Trail didn’t have as many metres in altitude today, but it was very warm. Especially in the afternoon (2-5 p.m.) the heat was getting to me and I noticed every minute I was in the sun that the back of my knee was probably developing a sunburn.

Funnily enough, it was only my left leg that felt bad, as the sun and the path managed to keep the sun only on my left side all day. Only sometimes did a switchback provide brief relief.

Water on the Arizona Trial – the exceptional year 2023?

Water was plentiful and someone who drinks less than me and is a bit braver can save quite a bit of weight here. I usually hump 4 L of water, even when the trail runs right along a small trickle. Who knows, maybe it will just stop and I won’t notice.
Those who hike the Arizona Trail in a normal season certainly have more problems and should not underestimate the whole thing. But luckily this is not a normal season, but one of the coldest springs in Arizona.

On the way, I passed a controlled burn. It was pretty creepy because everything is very dry anyway and it smells like fire, the ground is smoking and there are hot ashes everywhere and not even a metre from the path.

My feet still look good and they have also coped well with the 29 km today. I decide to pitch the tent early, because the only thing that could put a spanner in the works now is a good sunburn.

I didn’t meet any other AZT hikers today.

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