Day 10: This morning I didn’t really want to get going. The sunburn in the back of my knees was getting to me and I also felt pretty scrunched up. But above all, I was dirty: 6 days without a shower. Nevertheless, I pulled myself together to at least walk to the campground less than 10 miles away, from where you could probably hitch a ride all the way to Tucson. That would have been my last chance to get to Tucson.

Tucson Stop – or not?

So I tried to hitchhike to Tucson. However, after 15 or 20 minutes, I honestly lost the desire to continue standing by the road and giving the thumbs up. So I went back to the drum circle of the other hikers and sat on the ground with them for a few more minutes. After that, I set off in the direction of Mount Lemon. After 26 km I reached Hutches Pool.
The way there had been long, warm and very stony, but beautiful. Unfortunately, I have made too few videos in the last few days.

Here I was able to wash properly for the first time in days and although the water was cold or because of it, it felt really good. The clean feeling gave me new momentum and I continued.
I wanted to break the 32 km mark today so that tomorrow’s climb to Mount Lemon wouldn’t be quite so long and torturous. As everyone says.

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Day 11: Today we left early to make the climb up to Mount Lemon, which was really beautiful but also bloody exhausting. Many other hikers complained about the trail, but I really liked it, even though it was very demanding.

It was very rocky all the way and a bit exposed at the beginning, until it ended in a beautiful green forest. There was still some snow here and some trees were lying across the path, but the small town of Summerhaven was already very close.

Summerhaven is a small tourist magnet in the middle of the mountains. I treated myself to a fresh apple, an ice cream and a beer and then I left the crowded town again, because the actual stay in town is planned for Oracle.
There, I was able to find a room for $50 a night via my mobile phone. So I drove a few kilometres closer to the city.

Especially the last section over the Oracle Ridge Trail was very exhausting. It was hot and the trail was full of loose scree. Shortly afterwards, the trail led into a dirt road, which was also full of scree.

After 32 km and 1800 metres of altitude, it was the end of the day.

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Day 12: As today was planned as a rest day in town, I only did the 22 km to the next highway. I had booked a room at a Trailangel for $50 a night and had to go to the post office to pick up my groceries. Besides, every battery I had with me was used up.

The 200 mile maker on the Arizona Trail

The trail today was much easier than the day before. Only the heat got to me at some point. There was delicious water from a huge blue tank at the side of the trail, the 200-mile marker cracked, as well as ice cream and tasty food in town – in other words, a day full of highlights.

Oracle is a cute little town where you can do some extra miles, though. The post office is at one end of town, the accommodation somewhere in the middle and the restaurants at the opposite end. It can take 20 minutes to walk from the accommodation to the shops.

If you plan to go out for dinner in the evening, you should plan on walking along the street without street lights and without a curb. I would have liked to have had my headlamp with me.

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